Yoshida Miwa

  The reporter's investigation found that the new airport is the biggest benefit of Daxing, and the actual radiation area is still limited. The above-mentioned Jinyue Mansion and Yiyi Wanhe's Yihezhuang business district, although located in the radiation zone, obviously did not grasp the advantages of the location, and was unsatisfactory in product creation.Official platform for USDT mining,

Turpan area

Official platform for USDT mining,  Behind the desertion is bad economic data. The headline of Ming Pao yesterday said: "The unemployment rate may reach 5% next year ." It is reported that the unemployment rate from August to October this year reached the highest level since mid- 2017 , among which the unemployment rate in the catering industry rose to 6.1% . Huang Jiahe, the president of the Catering Association, was even more pessimistic: "If this barrier (social turmoil) cannot be passed in December , there will be a wave of business closures after the new year. It is estimated that there will be a thousand restaurants closed."